J. DeLoach

Kenosha, WI

The time in Line was short, the service by the counter personnel was quick, when I got my rib tips and Brat, the flavor lasted the rest of the day, heck I went back for seconds and thirds.

P. Mathis

Detroit, MI

Chris it is always a good time when you travel to Michigan and grill for our Alumni. Your food is delish!!! Thank you so much!!!

T. Davison

Highland Park, IL

Wanted to thank you for the hot brat and coke....no, I mean the cold coke and brat...durn it....the hot brat and cold coke I got from you at the Redhead Days event...ha ha.....it was just what I needed to get me through the rest of the day....I have been posting some photos of the event and you guys are in a few of them........thanks for the good food and the smiles!!!!

T. Mial

Bloomfield Hill, MI

Thanks Chris Smith & the Brat Shop for making our Alumni event spectacular!!! Truly amazing at what you do!!! See you next year!!! Cardinals4Life!!!

T. Spencer

Southfield, MI

I want to thank my classmate Chris Smith for his great grilling skills at our high school reunion picnic this weekend. We had a great time. I even gained a pound eating those rib tips.

Love you to pieces. Brat shop is great y'all.

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